Our Guiding Values

Bringing Science to Life

Building from a solid foundation of scientific knowledge and continually seeking research breakthroughs, we bring scientific discoveries into everyday life. The American Heart Association is committed to advancing your health with the best science has to offer.

Improving and Extending People’s Lives

The American Heart Association, working with our partners and individual stakeholders, finds and implements solutions that make a difference in people’s health where and how they need it.

Building Powerful Partnerships

From leveraging the strength of our volunteers/staff partnerships to working with the many individuals and organizations that influence the health of individuals, our nation and our world, we collaborate to bring the best and brightest solutions to building healthier lives free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Speaking With A Trustworthy Voice

In a world of constant change, the American Heart Association is your trustworthy source for the knowledge you need to live healthy and make informed decisions and a voice for your healthier world.

Inspiring Passionate Commitment

Social movements and social change grow and succeed from the seeds of commitment. The AHA strives to be a catalyst, a contagion for achieving our mission.

Making an Extraordinary Impact

Big challenges require big thinking and creative solutions. The AHA engages in systems and policy changes that touch the lives of everyone and bring proven success to all communities.

Meeting People Where They Are

Health happens where we live, work, study and play. The AHA is an integral part of the conversation and culture that supports you, your family and your communities in continually improving health now and in the future.

Ensuring Equitable Health for All

Advances in technology, medical discoveries, communications and healthy environments means we know more about how to stay healthy, get healthy and provide quality treatment. The AHA strives for solutions to be available to all people, regardless of who they are, where they live or what they do.

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