Andrew Suggs

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Andrew Suggs

Andrew Suggs is a former Claflin University graduate and basketball player and had success as a salesperson for a major sports franchise and a fortune 100 company. He then went on to received his MBA in 2017, and shortly after launched Live Chair. 

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Andrew had a limited relationship with his father due to drug abuse and prison time. 

His father is currently 55 years old and suffers from congestive heart failure, hypertension and other chronic diseases. In July 2019, Andrew’s father had a medical emergency and spent 30 days in the ICU. By his mother’s account, Andrew’s father had required well over a $1M of medical care.  He attributes this to being one of the main reasons he pivoted his company into healthcare. There are many black men with similar stories as Andrew’s father, struggling with chronic health conditions because they have not gotten recommended preventative care or have simply neglected their health.

Live Chair’s focus is to improve the health of men of color through their trusted barbershop….that’s right, health and barbershops.