Trista Li


Dual impact model for food access

Trista Li is the Founder and CEO of KitcheNet, where her and her team bring happy fruits to offices while eradicating food deserts. KitcheNet adopted a “Do Good by Eating Well” dual impact model to solve two issues that could impact American workers’ health. Trista Li

First, they build healthy offices by working with a team of fruit “gurus” to help offices rediscover fresh fruits through memorable taste, exotic variety, and curated experience. 
Second, they build fresh food ecosystem in the urban food deserts. For each corporate business they deliver to, KitcheNet takes the corporate side of the business to build a healthy produce distribution ecosystem in the urban food deserts. Each corporate delivery generates a subsidy. With subsidization from each corporate client, KitcheNet covers the local produce distribution cost in low-income neighborhoods. They work with local urban farms, non-profits, and corner stores to set up retail pop-up markets accessible to the working families, saving up to 40% price and 4-5 hours of shopping time.

Trista’s love for her work originated through her experience launching’s microfinance market in Chicago. A Shanghainese native, a globalist at heart, and a taco enthusiast, Trista has collected a portfolio of experiences in Management Consulting, International Supply Chain and Healthcare Marketing, and has served as an advisor to the Mexico Government.