Social Influencers of Health

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Why is this a problem?

Social influencers of health -- such as economic stability, access to healthcare, neighborhood, level of education, lack of infrastructure, etc. -- are impacting life expectancy for under-resourced populations across the United States.

How are we working to solve it?

We are advocating for under-resourced populations. Accessible options for healthy living are often limited in lower-income neighborhoods and many cardiovascular disease risk factors disproportionately impact people of color. The AHA is partnering with community organizations to determine a hierarchy of needs and utilizing our resources and volunteers to close these gaps.

What is the ongoing need related to social influencers of health?

More affordable housing, fair wages, strong school systems, safe streets and access to healthy foods must be made available to help the millions of Americans who are burdened by social determinants of health.

What can you do to help?

You can sign up at and help us advocate for those living in under-resourced communities. Individuals and organizations interested in creating sustainable solutions in your community should join the EmPOWERED To Serve tm movement to learn more about innovative business models and collective impact.

The Importance of a Zip Code

Your zip code can go a long way toward determining your life expectancy. In some cases, where someone lives could cost them upwards of two decades of their life.

The rising cost of housing

Approximately 10 million Americans live in affordable housing, with an additional 19 million in need of affordable housing units. Roughly 19 million Americans spend over half of their income on housing