Andrew Suggs

Andrew Suggs

Live Chair

Barbershop health app

Andrew Suggs’ father suffers from chronic health conditions that likely stem from years of drug abuse and neglecting his health. His issues led to a medical emergency requiring prolonged hospitalization that cost well over $1 million. Because of this experience, Suggs sought to help black men like his father improve their health and seek preventive care.

Suggs founded Live Chair, a barbershop that leverages the power of the trusted barber-customer relationship to overcome health care inequities that have caused gaping health disparities for black men. Equipped with a blood pressure monitor and driven by purpose, Live Chair barbers empower, encourage and enable their clients to better manage their conditions and live a healthier life. Suggs is a Claflin University graduate and former Claflin basketball player.

He’s a successful salesperson for a major sports franchise and a Fortune 100 company. He received his MBA in 2017, shortly before launching Live Chair.