Dr. Francoise Marvel

Doctor Francoise Marvel  Dr. Francois Marvel
Corrie Health

Since launching Corrie Health, a mobile app that helps re-engineer discharge and recovery after a heart attack, Dr. Francoise Marvel has demonstrated a 46% reduction in bad outcomes within 30 days of a cardiac event with participants in My Course Study, a validation and clinical study involving 200 patients across four hospitals. Marvel has been working with Apple to continue advancing the digital health care industry. She is also co-piloting a plan with a medical therapeutics company to bring the app to five to 10 new hospitals. Corrie Health is currently looking for resources to fund a study of gestational hypertension.

Listen asDr. Marvel speaks about her experiences as cardiology fellow on the frontlines of #COVID19. Dr. Francoise Marvel is inspired and hopeful during the special Power Moments series.

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