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Tiny docs is a series of animated cartoons that teach kids about their health in a fun and culturally competent way. Developed by Sunny Williams, tiny docs has released 12 new animations since the accelerator, including one based on kids with special needs, created in collaboration with the Michael Phelps Foundation. Williams is also working with the University of Florida on three animations to be featured during its Fear Facers Summer Camp, a camp for kids living with acute anxiety. Tiny docs is exploring research partnerships to evaluate the impact of its videos on the health of children and their families.

Williams presented at TEDMED in Boston in March 2020. He has written a book that explains COVID-19 to children and created an activity book for kids to use during quarantine.

Listen to Sunny's Power Moment as he discusses the free, kid-friendly resources to help the whole family learn about #covid19.materials that tiny docs created.