Sierra Williams – McLeod

Sierra Williams-McLeod

"Obstacles I have faced in life have never deterred me from achieving my goals, but rather ignited my passion for being successful and giving back to my community.” 

Junior, Biochemistry and Biomedical Research, Hampton University

Sierra is passionate about reducing health disparities and helping low-income, minority and first-generation students who face poverty and food insecurity. This passion led her to co-found Hampton University’s Pirate Pantry, a student-led effort providing free food and hygiene products to students in need. In the first week, she immediately saw the impact on students. Now, Sierra is establishing a partnership with the Virginia Food Bank to become a  mobile food pantry with even more items available to serve the community.

Through Instagram and Facebook, HU Pirate Pantry reaches an audience beyond Hampton with content on food sustainability, volunteer opportunities and the insecurities nearly half of college students face. HU Pirate Pantry improves the health of the community by reducing food waste, relieving hunger and promoting good nutrition.

Sierra has also served on the first Council for Digital Good at Microsoft and as a delegate for the State of Young People conference at Facebook.