Online Health Lesson Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Week 5 – Heart Attack Warning Signs Welcome to week five health lesson where you will learn about heart attack warning signs.

Before the Lesson:

Make sure you have access to a room with a projector and Wi-Fi. Bring your computer.  Lessons can only be accessed with a computer, not a phone.

1.Get comfortable with using adobe connect.

2. Print and review materials to distribute for the lesson.

Get Started with your Lesson

  • Distribute printed materials.
  • Stream the health lesson with your group.
  • Have group attendees take the weekly health lessons quiz. 

After Watching the Health Lesson

1. Ask group attendees to take the weekly health lessons quiz*. The quiz is taken individually by smartphone, tablet or computer.

 2. EmPOWER your participants to take the lesson beyond the classroom and to take action.   Text EMPOWER to 46839

If you have any questions, email 


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