If You're Hunkering Down

Questions Regarding Coronavirus for if You're Hunkering Down

When should I self-quarantine?

You may not have a choice. Several states and cities already have ordered residents to stay home except for necessities. If you don’t live in one of those areas and if you are sick, at risk or older, now would be a good time to self-quarantine, if you haven’t already. If you are not sick, it’s a personal choice based on many factors. As you consider this choice, please remember that by not quarantining yourself, you may be putting others at risk.

I’m healthy and self-quarantining as a precaution. Should I go so far as to avoid drive-throughs and curbside pickup?

If you are healthy, you should be able to if you wash your hands after contact with any workers and after handling the items you picked up. (But if you’re going out to load up on sugary drinks and unhealthy foods, then the AHA’s official answer is no, don’t go!)

I worry about emergencies at home. Is there an easy way to learn CPR?

Yes! It’s extremely easy. And, yes, it’s always a great idea to learn CPR, pandemic or not. Here’s how you can learn. You’ll find a comprehensive list of resources, including how to learn at home.

What are some healthy, affordable staple foods I can stock up on?

We have plenty of suggestions (even when you’re not hunkering down), but here are some common staples:

  • Canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables
  • Canned fish and meats like light tuna or white-meat chicken packed in water
  • Frozen chicken breasts 
  • Dried or canned beans and other legumes
  • Whole grains like oats, brown rice and quinoa 
  • Dried herbs and spices

Where can I find healthy recipes to try out while I’m stuck at home?

Glad you thought of it. We have some heart-healthy recipes here.

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