Still Out and About?

Questions Regarding Coronavirus for if You're Still Out and About

As an essential worker, how can I make sure I’m following the latest safety advice?

Keep checking the CDC’s site, which continually updates guidance for workers. And of course, follow the guidance of social distancing, regular hand-washing, cleaning and disinfecting workspaces, and wearing a mask or cloth face covering.

Is it safe to go to restaurants?

Some cities and states have shut down dine-in options, so you may not have a choice. The general advice is to get carryout or delivery if you want restaurant food. Be sure to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds before and after eating. (And any other time you realize you just haven’t washed your hands in a while.) You might consider washing the food containers.

I have all kinds of questions about whether it’s safe to travel. Where do I start?

You’re not alone. From cruise safety to airport worries, the CDC breaks down the guidance. In general, avoid discretionary or non-urgent travel.

What about routine medical, dental or vision appointments if I’m not sick?

Some clinics and offices aren’t taking appointments. If they are open, contact your health care provider, talk it over, and weigh your health needs against the risks. If the office is in a major medical facility, remember that some facilities are overwhelmed with patients and that crowds are discouraged. It may be harder to get in, you may be at more risk, and you could unknowingly put others at risk.

Is it safe to go to the grocery store?

If you’re healthy and follow all the precautions, you should be able to go to the store. Just be extra careful and bear in mind there are a whole lot of surfaces and potential coughers and sneezers. Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet from others. The CDC also recommends cloth face coverings at stores and other public settings. Some stores have closed for longer times to deep clean and replenish their stock. Some stores have set special hours for people at risk. You can always try to arrange for delivery, order online or ask for help from a friend, neighbor or caregiver.

Should I let my child go on a playdate or have a sleepover?

No. We know it’s tough to make kids understand why they can’t see their friends, but social visits are generally discouraged. We’ll keep you updated as the guidance changes. Encourage other ways of connecting, like virtual playdates.

I like to walk and run outside. Is it still safe to go outside?

Yes, it’s still safe and advisable to go outside if you practice healthy social distancing. Given the physical and mental health benefits, please get out there and keep moving!

The gym is closed. Help! What are some other ways to fit in fitness?

Start by using the time to set your fitness goals. Work out in your home office, practice balance exercises in your living room or your yard (if you have one) and get out for a walk (just be sure to practice social distancing). Learn more.

I feel fine. What can I do to help others?

First, you can accept the AHA’s thanks. We are all in this together and we should help others when we can. Remember, though, that you can feel fine and still carry the virus. So staying away from others may be the best help you can offer. But there are many virtual opportunities to help and other ways to stay connected. Here are some ideas. You can also check with your local charities, governments and other groups. And if you know a neighbor is homebound or older or doesn’t have family in the area, reach out and see what you can do.

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