Life's Simple 7 Eat Better Infographic

Life's Simple 7 Eat Better Infographic

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How to Eat Better

Create a Healthy Dietary Pattern

Make smart choices and swaps to build an overall healthy eating style. Watch calories and eat smaller portions.

  • ENJOY: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, plant-based proteins, lean animal proteins, skinless poultry, fish
  • LIMIT: sweetened drinks, sodium, processed meats, refined carbohydrates like added sugars and processed grain foods, full-fat dairy products, eggs, highly processed foods, tropical oils like coconut and palm
  • AVOID: trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils (found in some commercial baked goods and fried foods)

Read Nutrition Labels

Learning how to read and understand food labels can help you make healthier choices.

When you have more than one choice, compare nutrition facts. Choose products with lower amounts of sodium, saturated fat and added sugars.

Tips for Success

Watch Calories: Eat only as many calories as you use up through physical activity. Understand serving sizes and keep portions reasonable.

Cook at Home: Take control over the nutritional content of your food by learning healthy preparation methods.

Look for the Heart-Check: The Heart-Check mark helps you find foods that can be part of a healthy eating plan.

Learn the Salty Six: Limit the amount of sodium you eat each day. Learn the Salty Six. These common foods can be loaded with excess sodium:

  • Breads & Rolls
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Cold Cuts & Cured Meats
  • Soups
  • Burritos & Tacos

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