Danie Brillman

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Unite Us:

Unite Us is a veteran-owned technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and human service providers that support individuals by addressing all social determinants of health. The Unite Us platform displaces legacy resource directories and single direction referrals by digitally inter-connecting health and community providers together to meet every individual’s holistic needs. This transformative approach enables providers to seamlessly work together, track clients through their total health journey, and report tangible outcomes across the full range of services in a cohesive and collaborative ecosystem.

Website: http://www.uniteus.com/

Diop Adisa

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KHeprw.org | Indianapolis, IN:

Our model supports young entrepreneurs who want to be the next generation of urban farmers by bringing healthy affordable food into this particular community while strengthening relationships and supporting urban farmers. Our big picture is to build a model that can be replicated by similar communities across the country and world.


Rickey Wynn

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See What I See: Ft. Worth, TX:

See What I See (SWIS) is an easy to use product designed to allow a sick or shut-in person to see through the eyes of their caregiver in real time and communicate with them at the same time. The See What I See device enhances and improves the quality of people’s lives, social relationships and living effectiveness through the use and establishment of surrogate social relationships.

Cecil Wilson, Goffers Inc.

3rd Place: Goffers Inc.

Cecil Wilson
Chicago, IL
The GoffersGotIt motto is “Getting Things Done on the Go!” Goffers provides on-demand mobile task assistance. Services include, but are not limited to, grocery shopping, laundry delivery and prescription refills.
Website: www.goffersgotit.com

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Sequoia Ross

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Tricycle Urban Agriculture | Richmond, VA:

An innovative approach to learning the business and practice of Urban Agriculture

  • Earn a Certificate in Urban Agriculture – recognized by USDA/NRCS
  • Gain experiences in sustainable agriculture skills and practices on urban farm sites
  • Gain community engagement and food systems experience through Tricycle’s Mission Programs
  • Network with local farmers, food system leaders, & subject matter experts
  • Attend classroom instruction, workshops, renowned speakers
  • Benefit from business planning and development
  • Full Scholarships provided for 2017 class

Website: http://tricycleurbanag.org

Nyasha Nyamapfene, Gospel Run

1st Place: Gospel Run

Nyasha Nyamapfene
Gospel Run
Chicago, IL
Gospel Run is a public health organization created to inspire health, transformation and expanded possibilities in the individuals, families and communities we serve.
Website: gospelrun.com

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Kenny Fennell

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GoWithCaravan | Detroit, MI:

Caravan is a web-based platform that offers hourly rentals for five to fifteen-person passenger vehicles sourced from nearby owners. Caravan’s vision is to ensure lower-income urban residents can access education, employment, and healthy foods in their neighborhoods and the region beyond through shared-use mobility services.

Website: https://gowithcaravan.com

Nisha Sarveswaran

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Ambience Data | Detroit, MI:

Ambience Data has created small, inexpensive hardware devices that monitor indoor air pollution. They empower families to take control of their health by knowing what family members are breathing from day to day.

Website: http://www.ambiencedata.com

Sharon Butler

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Eat Away Hunger | Washington, DC:

The Eat Away Hunger backpack food program provides nonperishable healthy food to children in need to take home when school meal programs are unavailable, mainly during the Winter and Spring breaks and three-day weekends.

Maria Rose Belding, MEANS Database

2nd Place: MEANS Database

Maria Rose Belding
MEANS Database
Philadelphia, PA
MEANS Database notifies food banks and pantries of food donations in their neighborhood. Food Connect delivers surplus food from retailers to community organizations serving the hungry.
Website: www.meansdatabase.org

Photo of Maria Belding