National Minority Health Month 2017

Changing Perceptions in Minority Health and Bridging Health Equity

National Minority Health Month


Even though multicultural communities are diverse in their makeup, culture and traditions, they still face similar challenges when it comes to equity, health outcomes and access to care and healthy foods. These unique sectors across our nation are making big efforts to address their common experiences and tackle barriers together, using different strategies, tailored to their specific cultural and environmental needs.

We all want the best for our family. The best access to healthy food options, walkable paths, clean parks for activities, clean air for our children to breathe in and healthy community to survive and thrive in. Despite all efforts to educate, bring awareness and create sustainable changes in our communities, it seems like we’ve only started to peel one layer of the onion as we continue to see similar health outcomes — including shorter life expectancy because of the limitation of the environment in which minorities live. Needless to say, there is much more work to be done and we can’t do it alone.

The American Heart Association’s EmPOWERED To Serve movement addresses the root causes or social determinants of health and exposes critical factors and needs for multicultural communities throughout the United States and aims to find solutions through awareness, education, advocacy and other opportunities.

This Minority Health Month, join the EmPOWERED To Serve movement to help Change Perceptions in Minority Health by bridging health equity across communities. Because misperceptions contribute to poor health outcomes, let’s work together to:

1.  Change perceptions on HBP and Stroke.
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2.  Change Perceptions on Physical Activity.

  • Get involved in a National Walking Day event, April 5! Lace up your kicks and jumpstart NWD with ETS Power Ambassador, Ashanti Johnson of Chicago’s 360 Mind.Body.Soul. Studio! Get pumped up at 10 AM CST via FB Live.
  • Need daily inspiration to stay the course? “Pep Your Step for Good” and walk your way to a healthier lifestyle + win prizes sponsored by Macy’s! Join #GoRedGetFit today! The NEW challenge launched Monday, April 3.
  • The celebration for National Walking Day lasts all month long! Interested in hosting a Walking Day Event? Download your toolkit here.

3.  Change Perceptions on CPR.
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Let’s change perceptions and bridge health equity, because the external factors surrounding us are negatively impacting our health. Let’s change perceptions and take control of our health because 80% of heart disease and strokes are preventable.

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National Walking Day
Lace up your kicks and jumpstart National Walking Day with ETS and National Power Ambassador, Ashanti Johnson! Join in via FB Live April 5 at noon CST. Don’t miss a beat this month. Find more events and details here.


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Join #GoRedGetFit and “Pep Your Step for Good” and walk your way to a healthier lifestyle + win prizes sponsored by Macy’s! The NEW challenge launches Monday, April 3. Join #GRGF today!


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You are a few seconds away from access to a lot of great EmPOWERED To Serve resources. Please provide your info below.


Information Request

You are a few seconds away from access to a lot of great EmPOWERED To Serve resources. Please provide your info below.