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Andrea Nichols-Everett's and Bernie Salazar exercising

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We have created the Power Fitness Plan to get you moving towards a healthier and more powerful you! You can complete these workout plans from your home, while traveling, or in a gym/workout facility setting. Adults with chronic conditions should talk with their health-care provider to determine whether their conditions limit their ability to do regular physical activity. Make sure that you have clearance from your doctor before starting the Power Fitness Plan or any exercise program.

Begin by planning for 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week. One way to accomplish this is to exercise 3 days per week for 30 minutes per day. We suggest taking on the philosophy “start low and go slow.” Start with low intensity cardio for 30 minutes per day and then slowly increase the intensity and duration as time progresses. The Power Fitness Plan begins with light cardio in order to build your endurance, then adds weights into your workouts that will increase lean muscle mass.

In order to make working out a consistent part of your life, you should work out on the same days of the week and around the same time to form a habit. A great schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, so that you have a day off in between workouts to allow your body to recover. Once the habit is formed, it is much easier to stick with your new Power Fitness routine and enjoy all the benefits of consistent exercise!

Two Workout Plans

We’ve created the two workout plans with a lot of variety so that you do not get bored. Be aware of the weights you use. If they feel too light, they probably are! Don’t be afraid to increase the size of your weights, but please be cautious when lifting heavier weights. You do not want a heavier weight to compromise your form. Proper form is much more important than using heavier weights.

NOTE: The terms heavy, medium, and light weights in this exercise plan are subjective. Use the weights that would feel heavy, medium or light for you. Which workout plan you choose depends on where you will be working out:

  1. At the Gym, in a Workout Facility, or at Home with Gym Equipment
  2. At Home or in a Hotel Room Setting

Watch these videos to learn more about the Power Fitness Plan!

Andrea “Dre” Nichols-Everett introduces her 30/60/90 day workout plan.

Bernie Salazar introduces the 30/60/90 day workout plan.

Andrea “Dre” Nichols-Everett, creator of the Power Fitness Plan dre-small
“Andrea ‘Dre’ Nichols-Everett is quickly becoming one of the most prominent African American women in the world of fitness. For more than nine years, Dre has inspired men, women and children to make up their minds to get fit and stay fit by creating boot camp fitness workouts that include daily exercise and a healthy dose of motivational and spiritual affirmation.” More

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