Take Us on a Journey into Your Community

EmPOWERED to Serve™ (ETS) is asking YOU to become one of our "EmPOWERED Voices." EmPOWERED Voices is a Social Determinants of Health campaign that will follow a mixture of local and celebrity ETS Ambassadors and encourage everyday ambassadors like yourself, to take us on a journey into your community by showing the conditions in which you survive and thrive.

Q. What are the Social Determinants of Health?
A. They are the constructs in which people live, work, play, pray and age.

First, we want to make the connection that Social Determinants of Health have a direct impact on heart health, stroke and high blood pressure, conditions that the American Heart Association has impacted significantly.

Second, we want you to use AHA/ETS resources to drive sustainable change in your community.

We can’t do this without you!

EmPOWERED Voices: Take Me Home Videos

Chapter 1: Shanti Das
Chapter 2: Hernandez Brothers
Chapter 3 Teaser: Ryan Dunn

Joining has never been easier!

3 easy steps will lead to impact:

1. Grab Your Squad

Get your organization or group of friends together to make a collective impact in your community.

2. Pick An Action

Or a few actions that will not only educate, but drive lasting impact in your area.

3. Make An Impact

Take action toward your impact goals and share them with us via Facebook.

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Goals & Impact

Help us reach our goal to impact the health of 4.6 million multicultural Americans by pledging to take action as a registered ambassador. Learn more about becoming an Ambassador for EmPOWERED to Serve.

Share your Day of Service events with us. We want to add your event to our website to help drive ambassadors in your area to assist. Please send all activities to empoweredtoserve@heart.org.

Please remember to share your events and outcomes with us!

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