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Owning Your Square: A Conversation with Pamela Garmon Johnson

Pamela Garmon Johnson, AHA Vice President of Healthy Equity and Partnerships explains how health equity has a role for everyone. Get inspired to “own your own square of the quilt” by weaving your strengths with those of others.
Pamela Garmon Johnson is standing with arms crossed and smiling on a white background. She is wearing a navy blazer with gold buttons and a white blouse.
Ryan Mundy standing in front of colorful paintings of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat wearing boxing gloves

Ryan Mundy

During eight seasons in the National Football League as a defensive back, Ryan Mundy made plenty of tackles. Now Mundy, a volunteer for the American Heart Association’s Business Accelerator and EmPOWERED Voices Roundtable Series, is “tackling” another challenge — mental health among Black people. In 2020, he created the mental health app Alkeme because, he says in a Today Show interview, “Finding culturally intelligent care, folks who can understand your experience, is a really challenging proposition.” Having dealt with anxiety, depression and identity issues, Mundy aims to even out the playing field in mental health practices for Black people through innovative content, tools and resources from clinical experts that look like him.

Empowering the Next Generation of Young Leaders Virtual Town Hall, cohosted by National Charity League

This virtual town hall, presented by EmPOWERED to Serve and National Charity League is a conversation hosted by young leaders for young leaders.

The event included EmPOWERED Ticktockers, AHA Youth Volunteers, and EmPOWERED Scholars as they discussed key issues affecting young adults and their wellbeing including vaping/tobacco, food insecurity, mental health and other health justice issues.

Black History Month Fireside Chat: Black Americans Making History Every Day
Presented by the American Heart Association employee resource group Heart and Soul, the inspirational one-hour live discussion featured panelists Ebony Smith, a.k.a. ‘The Ghetto Guru’, founder of Yoga N Da Hood, Andrew Suggs, CEO Live Chair Health and Sherman Wright, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ten35.

Pamela Garmon Johnson, AHA vice president of Health Equity and National Partnership, and Heart and Soul president Kenza Martin hosted the event that celebrates the achievements of Black Americans.
More than Enough to Heal : The short film explores the extraordinary impact of black physicians on medicine over time, the significance of Historically Black Colleges, Universities and Medical Schools in strengthening the pipeline of physicians and our power to begin healing everything from health disparities to implicit physician bias.

The film speaks to our ability to self-heal by raising the next generation of brilliant minds and healing hands using the power of a village over the power of one.

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It’s true that life expectancy in the United States has increased by about one year every decade. However, based on forecast models, healthy life expectancy has leveled off, even dropping in some states, between the years 2010-2020 . 

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