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We are catalysts for change, empowering the equity equation.

Community can be defined in many ways and EmPOWERED to Serve embraces that. You may consider your extended family, neighborhood or church your community. It may be your apartment complex, school, city or social organizations in which you participate. EmPOWERED to Serve provides opportunities for everyone to improve their health and make a positive impact on the health of their communities.

The objective is to create an environment that attracts ambassadors interested in improving the social determinants of health affecting communities. 

EmPOWERED to Serve is a movement inspiring those who are passionate about driving change through health justice in their communities. 

Empower Change

Cultural traditions impact health for better or for worse. Through storytelling, we learn new ways to address social determinants of health. What motivates you to keep going? 

Empowering headlines

News, stories and videos that impact your well being.

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As a leader you have the power to shape the future. You can mobilize others to work with you, focusing on the fight against heart disease and stroke in your community.

Social Impact Fund

Currently accepting applications from social entrepreneurs interested in helping to solve health challenges caused by social inequities.

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Warning Signs

Learn about the warning signs of heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest.

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Find an affiliate and contact information specific to your area.

Engage and Motivate

Health lessons engage and motivate communities to take steps towards creating a culture of health.