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Diminishing health inequities in Latino communities

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Hispanic Scholars: Building Bridges to the Diversity Gap

The Hispanic Serving Institutions Scholars Program invests in aspiring Hispanic researchers and health care professionals. Undergraduate students enrolled in biomedical and health sciences at Hispanic-serving institutions participate in academic and career-enriching experiences for a full academic year. Scholars learn about health disparities in Hispanic communities, how cultural sensitivity can provide safe and reassuring clinical spaces, and how inclusivity is essential in science.

Access to education is a key factor in building better health equity across the country.

The American Heart Association’s Hispanic Serving Institutions Scholars Program will serve as a pipeline for diverse researchers and health care professionals by providing undergraduate students with academic and career-enriching resources, including scholarships and mentoring.

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A Key Piece of the Puzzle: HSI Scholars Program Mentors

Our devoted mentors have volunteered to share their time, skills and knowledge to prepare our HSI Scholars for success in their professional careers in the biomedical and health sciences. Volunteer mentors are an essential element of our HSI Scholars Program.

Through sharing their time with our talented and influential scholars, mentors make a long-lasting impact on the next generation of Hispanic biomedical science and health care professionals. By investing in our Hispanic scholars, we’re also investing in the future impact and transformation they will be a part of in communities that have had historically greater health risks.

Want to become a volunteer mentor? Email Mitzi Cardona for more information.

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Funding opportunities to expand the Hispanic Serving Institutions Scholars Program are available and welcome. If you would like more information, please reach out!

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Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated through the Quest Diagnostics Foundation provided the American Heart Association with financial and other support for the Hispanic Serving Institutions Scholars Program.

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