2020 Business Accelerator Candidate Kevin Dixon

Kevin DixonKevin Dixon is a mentor at Rebel Ventures, where he inspires high school students who pursue entrepreneurship.

Dixon believes there’s always a way to overcome obstacles. When he recently became blind, he found ways to adapt and continue his entrepreneurial journey.

“I enable myself to reach and sustain practical experiences, valuing logic and reason to provide for myself and others,” Dixon said. “I believe that there is always a way to achieve, no matter what obstacles are trying to derail me.”

Dixon demonstrates his resolve to overcome obstacles by participating in parkour, an activity in which he moves rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, swinging, jumping and climbing. He’s also involved in freerunning, which emphasizes the flashy side of parkour with fancy flips and stylistic acrobatics.

Dixon is also a creative writer and lyricist.

“I am always learning and adapting in business and entrepreneurship to develop and execute visions of the future,” he said. “Sometimes there are problems getting in the way, but without problems there are no solutions.”

Get to know Kevin and his passion for Rebel Ventures and helping in his community.

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