Check In & Check Up for Your Health with Sybil Wilkes

It’s Pride Month. Look back on Sybil’s show discussing health disparities in the LGBTQ+ community.

Get some perspective on what’s happening with Check In & Check Up for Your Health, where Sybil Wilkes will bring together influential leaders and the Black community to address the health disparities Black people face.

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Stress and Stroke

May 18, 2023

Sybil and special guests Yolanda Starks White and Aprylete Russell discuss these timely topics.

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In case you missed it...

Black Maternal Health Week

Thursday, April 13
Sybil and special guests, Erica Campbell, Dr. Karol Watson, Shemellar Davis and Kanisha Ffriend discuss Black maternal health.

A Matter of the Heart

Thursday, February 16
Sybil, Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, the Divine 9 Sorority presidents, and 2023 Real Woman Leslie Jordan talk about why CPR should matter to Black Americans.

A Conversation with Trailblazing Cardiologist, President of the AHA, Dr. Michelle Albert

Thursday, February 9
Sybil and Dr. Michelle Albert discuss how racial and ethnic discrimination impacts heart disease, and how we can achieve greater health equity together.

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In the U.S., health inequities are systematic differences in the health status of different groups, and are the result of barriers such as racism, poverty, discrimination, lack of affordable housing, quality education and access to health care. The American Heart Association is fighting to decrease these disparities with our 2024 Health Impact Goal, a dedicated Office of Health Equity and consumer facing initiatives like EmPOWERED to Serve. These initiatives include programs focused on capital access for scholars and business innovators, working with strategic alliances and corporate supporters and targeted campaigns.

We are excited to work alongside YoSy Media as a sponsor of Check In & Check Up for Your Health, where Sybil Wilkes addresses the health of Black America using humor, facts, and influencers to make a call to action for the Black community to prioritize their health.