Aly Akina

Healthy Baby Hawaii

2022 Hawaii Business Accelerator Candidate: Aly Akina | Healthy Baby HawaiiAly Akina is the co-owner of Healthy Baby Hawaii, Hawaii’s first and only fresh baby food company. Born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, she is the mother of two young kids. In 2017, Aly launched the business with her best friend Nicole Dodson. Aly and Nicole met over a decade ago while working in the food service industry.

During the course of their friendship, Aly and Nicole both became new moms around the same time. Once their children were ready to eat solid food, Aly and Nicole agreed to make their own baby food rather than buy processed baby food from the store. After experiencing how time consuming making baby food was, they decided to sell and deliver their organic baby food and toddler snacks to other moms across O Ľahu, which is how Healthy Baby Hawaii was born.


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