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2022 Hawaii Business Accelerator Candidate: Brynn Foster | Voyaging FoodsBrynn Foster is the founder of Voyaging Foods, a miller and baker of Hawaii-grown canoe-plant, flour-based food products. Raised in California and a graduate of Pepperdine University, Brynn’s passion for indigenous knowledge and food sovereignty is embedded into the framework of her social entrepreneurial spirit. Brynn, president of the Hawaii Farmers Union United – North Shore Chapter, has been a delegate for the National Farmers Union in Washington, D.C., and a co-awardee of an Atherton Family Foundation grant to scale the commercial production of breadfruit flour in Hawaii.

Brynn has been awarded Island Innovator of the Year by Hawaii Venture Capital Association, Outstanding Alumni of Pepperdine University and the Empowering ʻŌiwi Leadership Award (E OLA) through a partnership with Kamehameha Schools and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, which recognizes different emerging Native Hawaiian leaders across the pae ʻāina, a group of islands.

She is a member of several business accelerator programs for indigenous innovation and economic viability in Hawaii. Nationally, she is an environmental leader with Sierra Club and Women’s Earth Alliance. Globally, Brynn was recognized in the WE Empower United Nations Sustainability Development Goals Challenge. Brynn prioritizes working in environmental and climate initiatives.

Her hobbies are painting, working with other cultural creatives and social entrepreneurs around the world, cooking healthy meals, regenerative farming, swimming in the ocean and traveling off the beaten path with her family and friends.

This year, Brynn is curating eco-travel itineraries and leading workshops focused on healthy lifeways. She is also the author of “Native Flour, Ancient Starch Hawaiian Taro Powder: Gluten-Free Recipes From an Island Kitchen.”


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