Connie Sheehan


2022 Minnesota Business Accelerator Candidate: Connie Sheehan | PUSHConnie Sheehan is experienced at starting new ventures, including her current boutique fitness center PUSH. Connie is a results-oriented, energetic leader and entrepreneur who sets and achieves ambitious goals and inspires others to excel and take on challenges. Before PUSH, she managed complex client relationships in a corporate setting for over 25 years.

Connie is known for speaking and acting with the highest integrity, seeking to understand and connect with people across every human dimension as well as being skilled at communicating clear and unifying visions and goals. Her key strengths include ethical, credible and trustworthy leadership; clear and effective written and verbal communication; and an energetic drive to build and create positive change. Connie also has expertise in training and education, sales leadership, business planning, wellness and HR operations. She is a curiosity-fueled life learner.


Business Accelerator - Minnesota 

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Business Accelerator - Minnesota