Jolly Nanda

Altheia Predictive Health

2022 Minnesota Business Accelerator Candidate: Jolly Nanda | Altheia Predictive Health

FAN FAVORITE | $2,500 grant

Jolly Nanda’s unique vision and breadth of experience in the health care industry led to the vision of Altheia Predictive Health. As founder and CEO/COO, Jolly brings a diverse background in technology, product and operations in the healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries to the company. With over 18 years of experience in the health care industry, Jolly’s strong passion for driving change, interoperability and problem-solving form the foundation for Altheia’s innovative approach.

Jolly’s analytical and management backgrounds were honed at large enterprises, including UnitedHealth Group, Pricewaterhouse and John Deere. Her entrepreneurial passion was ignited by small startups, including SimonDelivers, Ants Software and Mobile Avenues. Jolly has delivered change management to a variety of organizations through VIKRITI, a management consulting group she founded in 2015, whose clients have included Optum and Zappos. VIKRITI quickly became recognized as a Top 10 Change Management Consulting Company by HR Tech.

Jolly is excited to push the envelope of health care data solutions to reduce costs and improve outcomes for member populations.


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