Build a Healthier Salad

Build a Healthier Salad infographic


When you hear “salad,” you may think of a boring bowl of lettuce and tomatoes. But salad can be so much more! With a few simple additions, it can be delicious, healthy and inexpensive meal.


Adding cooked whole grains to your salad is a satisfying way to feel full longer! Try whole wheat couscous or pasta, barley, quinoa, or wild rice!


Adding protein to your salad will keep you feeling fuller longer. Try grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, a hard-boiled egg, or a small amount of cheese! Beans and unsalted nuts are other great options!


Add sliced fresh or dried fruit – choose a rainbow of colors. Pears, apples and berries are all super salad ingredients!


Vegetables can add crunch and flavor to any salad! Try raw carrots, cucumbers, or broccoli. Roasted beets, potatoes, and squash add a little bit of sweetness.


Choose dark, leafy greens like romaine, spinach, or arugula. You can also add fresh herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, or mint for zesty flavor and extra nutrients!

Quick Tips

Choose lower-fat, lower-sodium cheeses such as mozzarella or Swiss. Add canned or frozen produce with little salt and added sugar. When adding ingredients, choose options low in sugar, fat, and sodium. Frozen and canned ingredients work great.   Be sure to drain, rinse and pat dry to help your greens stay crisp!


Make your own healthy dressing with oil, vinegar, and spices from your pantry! Jazz it up with fresh herbs, citrus juice, onions, garlic, or scallions. Taste-test as you add small amount of ingredients until you find what you love!

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