EmPOWERED to Serve Community Innovation Exchange™

Connect, learn, source and contribute solutions so communities can improve the social determinants of health.
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Meet. Share. Innovate.

The EmPOWERED to Serve Community Innovation Exchange is a searchable, interactive digital hub where aspiring trailblazers and seasoned innovators meet and share ideas.

The hub fosters connections with like-minded organizations and provides access to mentors and investors, new and emerging grassroots business models, municipal strategies and community-led models to improve the social determinants of health in communities.

Powering Connection

We work to make the healthy choice the easy and accessible choice. To help meet our aggressive goals, we partner with EmPOWERED to Serve agents of change. 

Join us and be a powerful force for the health and longevity of all people by:
  1. Creating greater awareness of and affinity for the EmPOWERED to Serve Community Innovation Exchange™.
  2. Driving investments in community environments that will improve the health and well-being of under-resourced communities.
  3. Leveraging the collective work and storytelling of social entrepreneurs, community influencers, alliances and partnerships to improve social determinants of health.

The Road Ahead

Understanding the Need

It is imperative that the AHA continues to build upon and use our resources to accelerate community solutions. Individuals in low socio-economic status communities cannot improve their health without basic access to healthy food and safe water, exceptional education and job skills training, safe streets, a robust economy, and access to health care.

Mission and Vision

We will amplify community-centered solutions that have measurable impact on eliminating health disparities through improvement of social determinants of health.

We will accelerate the development and adoption of innovative community solutions that impact social determinants of health within priority populations.

Community Impact

Growing our initiatives to address the social determinants of health in collaboration with entrepreneurs, strategic partners and community coalitions will be critical to reducing, and ultimately, eliminating the disparity gap.

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