EmPOWERED & Well Healthier Church Challenge

The American Heart Association and WW International, Inc. have joined forces to support you and your faith family on your ongoing health journey.

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Your Health is Grounded in Faith. Our Approach is Grounded in Science.

Black women are three times as likely to suffer from sudden cardiac death compared to white women; half of African Americans live with obesity, increasing their risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a 2019 Duke University study.

Tamela & David Mann announces new healthier church challenge pilot program

The American Heart Association and WW, International are calling on faith-based organizations with health and wellness ministries to apply for the challenge.

Help  your church expand its culture of health and wellness initiatives. 

We’re calling on faith-based organizations with health and wellness ministries to apply for the challenge through Dec. 1 2019. 

Program details

  • The 12-week pilot program kicks off in Jan. 2020.
  • Locations: Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina, Dallas,  Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Science-based health education and coaching.
  • Weekly one-hour health and wellness sessions.
  • Wellness sessions that will empower you to help improve your health in harmony with your faith.


  • Participating faith organizations will receive stipends to support their health ministries.
  • The opportunity to receive additional financial support and special giveaways
  • The top two organizations will each receive an additional $5,000 as well as a wellness celebration at their church.

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Health Lessons  

Together,  the American Heart Association and WW will offer timely, relevant content to help you and your fellow church members to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, lose weight, manage blood pressure and lower your risk of diabetes. 

You will learn:

  • Salt and Cardiovascular Risk
  • Control Your Blood Pressure
  • Eating Smart with Fruit and Vegetables
  • Learn the Signs of a Stroke
  • Learn the Signs of Atrial Fibrillation or AFib
  • Learn the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack
  • Create Smoke-Free Communities
  • Increase Access to Fruit and Vegetables
  • Be an Advocate for You're the Cure
  • Making Neighborhoods Safe for Exercise
  • Know Diabetes by Heart 
  • Have Faith in Heart 

What is EmPOWERED to Serve ?

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EmPOWERED to Serve is a platform inspired by American Heart Association multicultural volunteers around the country who are passionate about driving change through health justice and empowerment in their communities. 

These committed ambassadors are impacting gaps in health equity through advocacy, policy, education and social change. 

Sponsor Recognition

WW is proud to support the American Heart Association® in ensuring equitable health and quality of life for all.

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