Ambassador Toolkit

Ambassador Toolkit

As an Ambassador, you have taken the first step in empowering those around you to take back their health.

If you are not yet an Ambassador, you are in the right place to learn more and determine if it is an opportunity in which you feel committed to participating. Heart disease and stroke are two of our nation’s leading killers, and multicultural communities fall behind in taking action to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. As an Ambassador, you can lead the movement to create a culture of health within your community. Your first step may simply be learning how healthy you, yourself are. You can then encourage others to do the same.

Knowledge is power! What better way to commit to leading a healthier life than by determining where you need to focus. Once you have focused on your own health, you can take steps to create awareness among your family, friends, and community. There are many different ways to introduce stroke and heart disease awareness to your community, both big and small. It’s important to find the way that matches your interests, abilities, and will make the greatest impact on your friends, family, and community.

If you want to live a healthy life and to advocate for a healthier environment for all, becoming an EmPOWERED To Serve Ambassador seems like a natural next step. The toolkit includes links to a variety of print and video resources. They range anywhere from personal risk assessments to fact sheets to ways to engage your community. As an Ambassador you are part of a network of leaders dedicated to helping to create a culture of health in multicultural communities across the county. Don’t wait… get started today!

Available Resources

  • EmPOWERED To Serve Brochures
  • EmPOWERED To Serve Posters
  • Fact Sheets
  • Health Lessons
  • Planning Tools (sample timeline, registration forms, feedback forms and forums, etc.)

Download the Ambassador Toolkit (PDF)