End Opioid Misuse

Call to action

Systemic racism among medical professionals can lead to discriminatory practices in prescribing opioids and treating pain in Black and Latina people, which can lead to harmful outcomes including overdose death. It is incredibly important to learn more about opioid use, how an overdose occurs, how to recognize it, and what to do during an opioid-associated emergency. This lesson offers help for those who:

  • May be at risk of opioid usage, addiction, or overdose.
  • Know people experiencing opioid addiction.
  • Care for people experiencing opioid addiction.
  • Lessons in ending the misuse of Opioids.



Additional Resources

Opioid Education for Non-Clinical Staff and Lay Responders| This video will provide a basic understanding of the opioid epidemic and how to recognize and respond to a person who has potentially overdosed on opioids.
Educación sobre opiáceos para personal no médico y rescatadores legos | Este video proporcionará una comprensión básica de la epidemia de opiáceos y cómo reconocer y responder a una persona que potencialmente ha tenido una sobredosis de opioides.


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