Stimulant Use Disorder

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Methamphetamine and stimulant use disorders are one of our country’s most pressing challenges. Communities are rising to meet this challenge with compassion, strength, and hope. Empowering Your Community Against Stimulant Use Disorders is a program through the collaboration of the American Heart Association and the Opioid Response Network that addresses stimulant use among Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino people. The American Heart Association is empowering those efforts through the latest science-based information and care. Together we can make a difference.

It is incredibly important to learn more about stimulant use disorders and how to recognize them. Examples of stimulants include cocaine and methamphetamine.

This lesson offers help for those who:

  • May be at risk of stimulant usage, addiction, or overdose.
  • Know people experiencing stimulant use disorders.
  • Care for people experiencing stimulant use disorders.

Lessons in Stimulant Use Disorders



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